Thursday March 22nd, 2018

About project

Innovative biocompatible sensor
for noninvasive determination of glucose level

All over the world diabetes is a significant problem and the morbidity is increasing more and more due to both genetic predisposition as well as the environmental factors. The aim of this project is to construct an innovative and fully biocompatible prototype of the electrochemical sensor for non-invasive detection of glucose in body fluids other than blood, such as sweat and interstitial liquid, which will be a hope for people facing with inconveniences of disease requiring regular and still invasive control of the sugar level.

A key element of the prototype is a structured titanium substrate covered with gold and functionalized with enzyme selectively interacting with glucose molecules. It will be produced via anodization process of titanium foil and then the formed layers of highly ordered TiO2 nanotubes will be removed by chemical etching. As a result, the structure composed of hemispherical inverted caps that perfectly reproduce the bottom side of removed nanotube layer will be created. In the next step, gold thin films will be deposited onto pre-patterned foils in order to obtain material electrochemically active towards glucose oxidation which means that it can be used for detection of this sugar. Prepared in this way material will undergo thermal treatment (in the furnace/by means of pulsed laser irradiation) and then will be functionalized with enzyme in order to reach low detection limit, high sensitivity and selectivity towards glucose. The prototype will be tested both in the laboratory and operational conditions by using methods of solid state physics and electrochemical techniques. Due to utilized biocompatible materials, applying cost-effective and easily scalable from the laboratory to commercial scale methods as well as fabricating the crucial component of the sensor that is based on elastic structured titanium foil modified with gold and enzyme, the proposed approach provides a unique solution on a national and international scale.